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For Boards of Health

Budget cuts, staffing shortages and pandemics can make timely food safety inspections challenging and sometimes difficult to complete on schedule. InspectCiti allows remote viewing of scheduled and completed inspections right from your office.

"An application like this could save us thousands a year.
An hour inspection we could now do in 15 minutes!"

City Health Director

100% works efficiently and quickly

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Our affordable pricing schedule makes it easy for you to connect our InspectCiti system to your Board of Health.
InspectCiti can meet your needs while keeping costs within reasonable budget constraints. There are no up front development or equipment costs to surprise you and your city's monthly or yearly investment is guaranteed for the length of our relationship with you.

Boards of Health

  • Remote inspection monitoring

  • Real time data reporting

  • Monitoring software system setup and training

  • Missed inspection alerts

  • Critical issue alerts

  • Be ready for the next pandemic

  • View one restaurant's complete inspection list or group as many restuarants as needed

  • Send BOH updates to restaurants with the push of a button

We All Have Our Challenges

Finally a collaborative data driven solution that improves food safety and saves time for Boards of Health.
Designed by a longtime restaurant owner to simplify his own operation this application is now available Boards of Health in Massachusetts, Rhode Island,
Connecticut and New York.
1. Remote inspection monitoring

2. Real time data reporting

3. Monitoring software system setup and training

4. Missed inspection alerts

5. A Pandemic solution that keeps everyone safe

6. Direct BOH to restaurant or inspection company chat feature

7. View one restaurant's complete inspection list or group as many restuarants as needed

8. Send BOH updates to restaurants with the click of a button.

Akindr-Logo-2 2.png


InspectCiti was created to establish an easy-to-use communication platform that increases efficiency while saving time and money.

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