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As a restaurant owner you have plenty to focus on. Employee costs, food costs, sanitation issues, operating expenses and most importantly your mental and physical health. Partnering with InpectCiti helps streamline the entire inspection process and reduces cost.

"Finding paper work, keeping up on inspections and worrying about freezer and refrigeration temperatures used to keep me up at night."

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Our affordable pricing schedule makes it easy for you to connect our InspectCiti system to your restaurant.
InspectCiti can meet your needs while keeping costs within reasonable budget constraints. There are no up front development or equipment costs to surprise you and your monthly or yearly investment is guaranteed for the length of our relationship with you.


Starting at



Per Month

  • Complete remote temperature monitoring system and equipment

  • Automatic inspection scheduling system

  • Inspection cost evaluations = savings

  • Priority status addressing inspection issues or repairs

  • Online staff training videos

  • On-time inspection reporting provides backup if insurance claim is made due to fire or damage that effects your business.

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We All Have Our Challenges

Finally a collaborative data driven solution that improves food safety and saves time for Restaurants Owners.
Designed by a longtime restaurant owner to simplify his own operation this application is now available to restaurants in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.
1. Complete remote temperature monitoring
system and equipment
2. Automatic inspection scheduling system

3. Inspection cost evaluations = savings

4. Priority status addressing inspection issues or repairs

5. Online staff training videos

6. This low-cost service can save time, save money and eliminate most food safety concerns.

7. On-time inspection reporting provides backupif insurance payout is needed due to kitchenfire or other damage

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InspectCiti was created to establish an easy-to-use communication platform that increases efficiency while saving time and money.

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